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Scout Patrols

Scout Patrols

“The Patrol System is not one method in which Scouting can be carried on. It is the only method”. Lord Baden-Powell, Founder of the Scout Movement

There are four patrols in the Scout section.


A Patrol is a group of Scouts who belong to a Troop, are similar in age, development and interests. The Patrol  system allows Scouts to interact in a small group outside the larger Troop, working together as a team, and sharing the responsibility of making their Patrol a success. Patrol size depends on a Troop’s membership, the ideal being a maximum of eight Scouts.


Patrol spirit is the glue that holds the patrol together and keeps it going.  Building patrol spirit takes time, because it is shaped by the patrol’s experiences – good or bad. Often misadventures, like getting lost on a night hike, will contribute much in pulling a patrol together. The weekend it rained and flooded your camp is the one you will never forget. Some patrols build up traditions, and these help build each patrol member’s sense of belonging.